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Even in the era of versatile and more and more digital audio networks analog signal transmission between FOH and stage or control room and recording studio will still retain its importance as an integral part of any audio infrastructure.

At CORDIAL, we have optimized our customer specific systems to facilitate faster and more effective production processes.

Due to our global expansion of production capacities, our multicore systems have become affordable for small budgets. The CYB C-multicore system is available at lengths of 10 until 30 metres. It features an effective kink protection and will be delivered in a trapezoidal stagebox. Channel numbers vary from 8-0 and 24-8. Stagebox, connectors and bulk ware are made by REAN, a NEUTRIK brand, are hand-soldered and, manufactured to high professional standards. Practical accessories: a matching gig bag and fluorescent channel number labels for dark, badly lit stages.

Our customer-specific multicore systems are manufactured in our in-house workshop according to your specifications. Thus, we are able to manufacture these peak systems adequately as the perfect solution to your application requirements. 

In the manufacturing process of our inhouse multicore systems we use, amongst others, components of the following.   

When it comes to our customer-specific peak multicore sys- tems we distinguish between ready-made and component systems. The maximum channel numbers vary between 8 and 32 channels, depending on the respective system. Please note: the split lengths are always included in the overall lengths specifications.




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