Light DMX


One decisive factor in setting up a stage is always time. Time is money and event and PA managers are always on a tight schedule. In order to help them, CORDIAL developed the CPH DMX 1-5 PWR 1, a hybrid cable that combines power supply with NEUTRIK® powerCon Power-In/Power-Out and a DMX cable with NEUTRIK® 5 pin XLR male/female connectors.

For applications like LED walls, DMX controlled lighting and dimmer packs, CORDIAL opted for a precise 110 ohms characteristic impedance cable, making the CPH the superior choice to generate a looped through connection.

The split of the cable is 30 cm.

Product information
cable CDP 1
Jacket PVC
cable assign CPH_DMX1-5 PWR1
connector brand NEUTRIK ®
1 XLR-female 5-pole
1 PowerCON
1 XLR-male 5-pole
1 PowerCON
Technical facts
Conductor area 0.22mm² / 1.50 mm²
AWG AWG 24 / AWG 16
Composition of conductor 7 x 0.20 mm / 30 x 0.245 mm
Material tinned copper / bare copper
Conductor resistance 85 Ohm/km (0.22mm²)
Shielding AL foil + tinned copper braided screen
Capacity cond.-cond. (pF/m) 40 pF/m
category Hybrid
diameter 15.1 mm
weight 266 g/m
Conductor isolation PE
Product variants
Colour Part number Length
CPH 1.5 DMX 1-5 PWR 1 1.50
CPH 3 DMX 1-5 PWR 1 3.00
CPH 5 DMX 1-5 PWR 1 5.00
CPH 10 DMX 1-5 PWR 1 10.00
International Sales Manager
Christine Kärger
International Sales Manager
Christian Langer
Head of sales and marketing
Tobias Felbermayr