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SILENT is golden

As of now, CORDIAL's design cables SKY, ROAD and METAL feature our Silent Plug technology. A flip ring/silent switch based on REED technology mutes the signal, preventing any squealing, popping and/or crackling noise if required.


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Cordial Guitar Summit Workshops 2018
Cordial proudly presents the Guitar Summit 2018 workshop "Generations Connected In Bass".
Cordial at the Guitar Summit 2018
We look forward to welcoming you - guitarists, bass players, friends and partners - to our booth.
We're moving!
Now the time has come: Cordial GmbH is moving to a new location.
Cordial Guitar Summit Workshops 2018

At Guitar Summit 2018, Cordial will be presenting the workshop "Generations Connected In Bass": on 2 different days - with experienced bassist and producer Martin Engelien and Marco T. Alleata, who plays sold out stadium shows in the Middle East as a member of the Persian pop star Shadmehr Aghili

They will embark on a bass-focussed „communication of the generations“ and involve the audiance as well. Some of the topics will be:


  • Is there a difference between "in the studio" and "on stage"?
  • Preparations for a concert Soundcheck - what is important for me, whatis important for the musicians, what is important for the sound engineer?
  • Hip playing techniques for bass
  • Mental and physical aspects
  • Motivation, concentration and endurance
  • Your bass is on fire
  • How do I achieve my desired sound?

And from time to time they will be found at the Cordial Stand 126, Level 1.

Where: Guitar Summit, Mannheim Rosengarten - Bass Stage

When: September 7th 2018, 13:45 to 14:15 and September 8th 2018, 18:30 to 19:00

Cordial at the Guitar Summit 2018

We will be there for you at the CORDIAL Guitar Summit stand  #126, level 1. From Friday, September 7th until Sunday, September 9th, we are going to present our product news in the MI sector, for example our SILENT range for bass and guitar.


​​​​​​​WHEN: Friday, September 7th 2018 to Sunday September 9th 2018
WHERE: Rosengarten Mannheim, booth 126 at level 1

See you soon in Mannheim!

We're moving!

From July 9, 2018 you will find us at the following address

Cordial GmbH
Sound & Audio Equipment
Robert-Bosch-Str. 13
D-85221 Dachau

All telephone and fax numbers remain as usual. For further contact information please click here.

We are looking forward to brand new office spaces, beautiful large stockrooms and everything else in terms of a modern and future-oriented working environment.

This relocation is an essential component within a comprehensive Cordial future concept. Pro customer-oriented service and products in usual high-level Cordial quality - and beyond. Because after all, we are always aiming to get even better.  For our customers, partners and friends - and last but not least for our colleagues here at Cordial in the north of Munich.

DJ Agent! has been on the road for many years. From small clubs to big festivals. Worldwide. A new tour experience: North America, Central America and South America. Accompanied by his Cordial cables.
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The legendary world capital of country music
The legendary world capital of country music
Up to today, this place in the middle of Tennessee exudes tremendous power and energy: daily live shows everywhere, innumerable recordings are taking place in studios booked to the limit, collectors and fans looking for vinyl treasures in the numerous record stores of the town.
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Johnny Cash
“The Center of my Universe”
Johnny Cash’s refuge
This house is located about 40 miles southwest of Nashville, in Bon Aqua, a small town of 6,500 inhabitants, off the main thoroughfare to Memphis. Die-hard Johnny Cash fans will recognize it right away, of course.
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The nephew - still alive
Mark Alan Cash
For many people, a prominent name may be too much of a burden and Mark Alan Cash can tell you a thing or two about this phenomenon as well. Cash’s nephew, who was born in 1962, has also led a turbulent life, went through a couple of hells due to alcohol and drugs and states that the only reason he’s still alive is his unshakable faith.
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The Cowgirl from Ohio
Rachel Dawson
Rachel Dawson loves nature, photography, horse riding and, above all, her three children. The mother, though, has one more genuine passion: music. 
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Do you feel the energy?
David Langley
When his mother died of cancer, David Langley was just 17 years old and without exaggerating you can say that his love of music helped him to survive this blow of fate and the ensuing hard times.
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Incredibly Talented
Isaac Moore
He is ranked among the greatest talents of country music: Isaac Moore, only 15 years old. Growing up in Indiana, the boy encountered traditional US sounds at the home of his grandparents at the tender age of two.
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Revival of an iconic event
Saturday Night in Hickman County
What an absolutely brilliant idea! After Johnny Cash had converted a former general store in his adopted hometown Bon Aqua into a recording studio, including a small stage, he established a music event called “Saturday Night in Hickman County”.
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The Man in Black’s drummer
WS „Fluke“ Holland
W.S. Holland, more commonly known by his nickname “Fluke” was the drummer in Cash’s band, the legendary Tennessee Three. Before he started playing for Johnny, Fluke had already played the drums for Rock'n'Roll heroes like Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis. The 81 year old is still performing with his own band today.
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The “stretched limousine escapade“
Chance Martin
Spending a snug evening with songwriter and guitar player Chance Martin inevitably leads to him telling you his favorite anecdote about his old buddy Johnny Cash. It’s the story about a trip to Las Vegas. The whole entourage – Martin then acting as Cash’s stage manager – was put up at Caesar’s Palace and the hotel management had provided a stretched limousine for Johnny Cash to use for free.
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Heinz Schneckenaichner
„I envisioned it would turn out so great!“
At the beginning of 2017, the cordial founder and longtime managing director, Mr. Heinz Schneckenaichner, died unexpectedly at the age of 79. In his commemoration, we publish an interview that his successor François Rousies has led with him on the occasion of the 20-year company anniversary.
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Here we’re thinking on our future
Ars Electronica
A few years ago, a promising partnership between cordial and ARS Electronica has been developed. In the meantime we look back on numerous forward-looking events and joint actions and look forward to further steps. The following contribution to the 20-year cordial anniversary conveys an impressive picture of Ars Electronica.
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Unique acoustics ...
Since 2012, the Saxon media technology company IMM has been working in partnership with cordial and is still enthusiastic about the product quality of the cables. A few months after the start of the cooperation, the graduate engineer René Fritzsche, still today head of development, described his impressions.
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Pures Adrenalin ...
Victor Smolski
Born in Belarus and living in Germany, the exceptional guitarist Victor Smolski is one of veterans within the cordial family. Two and a half years before he founded the successful band Almanac – in fall of 2012 - he met Cordial in his hometown Minsk.
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Norddeutsch by nature.
Hans Engels
"It´s really friggin´ cold in Lüllau this evening. “It´s brass monkeys out there”, smiles Engels. In a remote corner of the northern part of the wintry Lüneburg Heath rests this cosy country inn called Brookhoff, complete with mill pond and all.
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A great Man-Machine Interface
Chris Kramer
German blues musician Chris Kramer has played on lots of stages using piles of different cables. Then came the day CORDIAL cables blew him away!
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