Power-DMX Hybrid


Power and DMX hybrid cable

The CPH DMX 1 PWR 1 hybrid cable consists of a 1.50 mm² power cable and a balanced AES/EBU dmx cable.

According to the DMX logic, the female XLR connector is on the controlled unit and the male connector is on the lighting console (opposite to the approach with XLR in the audio area). The powerCON connectors are therefore designed to carry current from the lighting console to the controlled unit.

Due to the 3x 1.50 mm² conductor area and the robust, three-pole NEUTRIK® powerCON® NAC3FCA-1 & NAC3FCB-1 plugs with interlock, a current-carrying capacity of up to 18 A is achieved. In contrast to conventional powerCON® plugs, the revised plugs can be plugged under load (IEC 61984) in combination with the built-in versions NAC3MPXXA and NAC3MPXXA-WOT.

The split of the cable is 30 cm.


Attention: Do not plug powerCON® plugs under load while using conventional sockets. Can be plugged under load (IEC 61984) only using NEUTRIK® NAC3MPXXA or NAC3MPXXA-WOT / NAC3NOXXB or NAC3MPXXB-WOT sockets.

Product information
cable CDP 1
Jacket PVC
cable assign CPH_DMX1 PWR1
connector brand NEUTRIK ®
1 XLR female 3-pole
1 powerCON
1 XLR male 3-pole
1 powerCON
technical data
Technical facts
Conductor area 0.22mm² / 1.50 mm²
AWG AWG 24 / AWG 16
Composition of conductor 7 x 0.20 mm / 30 x 0.245 mm
Material tinned copper / bare copper
Conductor resistance 85 Ohm/km (0.22mm²)
Shielding AL foil + tinned copper braided screen
Capacity cond.-cond. (pF/m) 40 pF/m
category Hybrid
diameter 15.1 mm
weight 266 g/m
Conductor isolation PE
Lenghts & colours
Colour Length Matchcode item no.
1.50 CPH 1.5 DMX 1 PWR 1 12573
3.00 CPH 3 DMX 1 PWR 1 12574
5.00 CPH 5 DMX 1 PWR 1 12575
10.00 CPH 10 DMX 1 PWR 1 12576
International Sales Manager
Christine Kärger
International Sales Manager
Christian Langer
Head of sales and marketing
Tobias Felbermayr