24 channel loom

CYB 16-8

Our CYB 16-8, the multicore system with IN 16 OUT 8, was especially developed for quick and efficient production jobs. It is particularly suited for, e.g. the transmission of analog signals between FOH and stage or between control and recording room.

The CYB 16-8 multicore system is available in a 30 meters version and features strain relief, kink protection and a trapeze-shaped stage box. Stage box, connectors and bulk cables are hand-soldered and made by REAN, a Neutrik brand.

As useful accessories we also offer a matching gig bag as well as fluorescent channel number labels for dark stages.

CORDIAL multicore systems: great tools at budget prices!

Product information
Jacket PVC
16x XLR male 3-pole
8x XLR female 3-pole
8x XLR male 3-pole
16x XLR female 3-pole
technical data
category 24 channel loom
Lenghts & colours
Length Matchcode item no.
30.00 CYB 16-8 C 12304
International Sales Manager
Benedikt Schmidt
Head of Sales & Marketing
Christian Langer
International Sales Manager
Christine Kärger