The appropriate cable for any recording session!

Ultra clean signals at all times in the studio

High-class studio equipment calls for perfect signal transmission. Cordial offers a wide range of high-end cables for any kind of studio use.

Be it microphone cables such as the new CSM FM Gold 250, digital interface cables such as the multicore CFD DMT, or our Y-adapters: each individual Cordial product reliably and persistently performs its task in the complex system of a recording studio. This is due to the purity of the copper used, the NEUTRIK® (or REAN by NEUTRIK®) connectors and all the other perfectly matched and synchronized components. And last but not least, we are always open to the wishes and suggestions of our users and incorporate their constructive and valued feedback into our cable development processes.

For every recording studio, for every session - Cordial products will generate genuine, pure and untainted recordings that sound just the way they are supposed to sound.

Studio Portfolio (SELECTION)

Cordial products for the recording studio

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