When it comes to splitting a stereo signal into two mono signals or mixing two mono signals into one stereo signal, the Cordial CFY VGG adapter cable is the functional and high quality solution. The REAN Neutrik® plugs are assembled by hand and the contacts of the 1x 6.3 mm stereo jack plug to 2x 6.3 mm mono jack socket are gold plated to protect against corrosion.

The cables are color coded (red/black) directly at the two sockets to facilitate the distinction between right and left. The wire cross section is 2x 0.22mm² and the cable features about 15 cm long splits at each cable end. Our CFY VGG - a helpful tool that definitely belongs in any stage or studio toolbox.

Product information
cable essentials cable 1
Jacket PVC
cable assign VGG
connector brand REAN ®
1x 1/4" Plug stereo
2x 1/4" Plug Socket mono
technical data
Technical facts
Conductor area 0.22 mm²
Composition of conductor 28 x 0.10 mm
Material bare copper
Conductor resistance < 80 Ohm/km
Shielding spiral shield (90% coverage)
Capacity cond.-cond. (pF/m) < 80 pF/m
category Y-Adapter
diameter 5.9 ± 0.2 mm
Conductor isolation LDPE
Lenghts & colours
Colour Length Matchcode item no.
0.30 CFY 0.3 VGG 10612
International Sales Manager
Benedikt Schmidt
Head of Sales & Marketing
Christian Langer
International Sales Manager
Christine Kärger