High-end instrument cables

More copper - more signal - more you

Your amplified instrument should sound the way you want it to, i.e. pure and genuine; you surely don’t want any loss of quality on the way. We at CORDIAL always aspire to achieve authentic, true-to-life sounds and that’s what you are going to get when you use our high-end instrument cables. 

One decisive factor in realizing this goal is the high-purity copper (OFC) ratio of our cables -  in case of our bulk cable CGK 175 e.g. 0.75 mm2. Our quality standards are high and so the use of high-grade NEUTRIK® connectors, the renowned durability, resilience and enormous flexibility of our ready-made products have made us what we are: one of the world’s most renowned manufacturers for sound equipment

Auf BAsis der Meterwaren CGK 175 und CGK Road 75

High-end für Gitarre, Bass, Keyboard,...

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Christine Kärger
International Sales Manager
Christian Langer
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Tobias Felbermayr