3x 1.50 mm² powerCON® cable

The CFCA FCB does a great job of supplying power to for example active loudspeakers or other hardware on professional stages.

Due to the 3x 1.50 mm² conductor area and the robust, three-pole NEUTRIK® powerCON® NAC3FCA-1 & NAC3FCB-1 plugs with interlock, a current-carrying capacity of up to 16 A is achieved.

  • 3x 1.50 mm² conductor area
  • Certified quality product according to VDE directive standards
  • Transparent shrink tubes for cable marking
  • Current-carrying capacity up to 16A
  • Quality plugs according to IEC 61984, UL 94 V-0, VDE, SEV standards

Attention: Safe operation until 250V~ 16A. The powerCON® plug is a connector without breaking capacity, i.e. the powerCON® should not be connected or disconnected under load or live! Exception: In combination with chassis connector NAC3MPXXA, NAC3MPXXA-WOT and NAC3MPXXB, NAC3MPXXB-WOT (IEC 61984).

For safety reasons, please note the technical data as well general operating and safety instructions.

Product information
cable H07RN-F 3G1.5
Jacket Rubber cable
cable assign FCAFCB
connector brand NEUTRIK ®
1x powerCON® NAC3FCA-1
1x powerCON® NAC3FCB-1
technical data
Conductor area 3x 1.50 mm²
category Powercon
diameter 10.5 ± 1.5 mm
weight bulk cable ca. 159 g/m
Lenghts & colours
Colour Length Matchcode item no.
1.50 CFCA 1.5 FCB 10454
3.00 CFCA 3 FCB 10460
5.00 CFCA 5 FCB 13549
10.00 CFCA 10 FCB 13550
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