Cordial powerCON® cables

Power to the cable!

For many events, shows and concerts, the power supply is the main artery that must stand up under all circumstances.

The CFCA ready made power cables from Cordial combine durable and insensitive bulk cables (TITANEX® or PVC) with strong inner values (1.50 mm² or 2.50 mm²) and high quality NEUTRIK® powerCON® (or Schuko®) plugs. The result: the aorta reliably pumps the current to where it is needed.

The rubber cables made of specially crosslinked elastomer (rubber) are oil-resistant and flame-retardant and ensure high durability even in critical weather situations. The conductor area of 3x 1.50 mm² or 3x 2.50 mm² is designed to minimize voltage losses even over longer distances.

The reliable three-pole NEUTRIK® powerCON® plugs NAC3FCA-1 and NAC3FCB-1 are designed for currents up to 20 amperes and ensure particularly high durability and many mating cycles. The NEUTRIK® powerCON® TRUE 1® TOP plugs are also dust- and waterresistant and can even be plugged under load.

In addition, there are practical hybrid cables that combine a resilient power cable and a well shielded DMX cable in a single jacket.

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