CSI PP-Andrew Gouché

“When I use Cordial cables, I hear my sound. Trust me, you’ll hear yours like never before!“ (Andrew Gouche)

Our CSI PP ANDREW GOUCHE cable epitomizes the distinctive instrument cable for musicians who cherish out of the ordinary tools. This signature cable is named after and was initiated by the renowned bass player Andrew Gouche (more about him here), highly esteemed by the superstars of pop music. The features of this novel product are strongly determined by his individual requirements and demands.

This product is based on our proven high-end bulk cable CGK 175, featuring a copper cross-section of 0.75 mm² for an optimal signal flow. A large-area conductive plastic

conductor insulation ensures low capacitance values and the high number of 42 inner conductor strands results in highly flexible motion characteristics combined with particularly low resistance values.

The color of the bulk cable and the special lacquer coating of the NEUTRIK jack plugs (gold-plated against corrosion) is, at the same time,  striking and appealing: the cable comes in a Bordeaux purple color design (Andrew Gouche's "trademark").

An extraordinary "eye-catcher" of the highest quality.

Product information
Jacket PVC
cable assign PP
connector brand NEUTRIK ®
1x 1/4" Plug mono
1x 1/4" Plug mono
technical data
Conductor area 0.75 mm²
AWG 19
Composition of conductor 42 x 0,15 mm bare copper
Conductor resistance < 25,5 Ω / km
Shielding braided copper screen + conductive plastic
Capacity cond.-cond. (pF/m) 88 pF / m ± 8 %
category Instrument
diameter 7,0 ± 0,2 mm
weight bulk cable 60 g / m
Lenghts & colours
Colour Length Matchcode item no.
3.00 CSI 3 PP-Andrew Gouche 14420
6.00 CSI 6 PP-Andrew Gouche 14421
7.50 CSI 7.5 PP-Andrew Gouche 14422
9.00 CSI 9 PP-Andrew Gouche 14423
International Sales Manager
Benedikt Schmidt
Head of Sales & Marketing
Christian Langer
International Sales Manager
Christine Kärger