ECOCORD instrument cable featuring one straight and one right angled jack plug

The ECOCORD instrument cables - 100% PVC-free

We have completely dispensed with PVC in the development of the new jacket material! Our alternative to PVC is called TPE-V and is a blend of soft/elastic and firmer components, resulting in an equally flexible cable.

  • the rubber-like properties provide elasticity, softness and great windability
  • the hard components guarantee recyclability, notch resistance and the problem-free use at high temperatures
  • 100% recyclable
  • energy saving production process

Further information on the PVC-free jacket you’ll find here

EVERY CABLE PLANTS A TREE  – - Our cooperation with Trees for the Future (TREES)

High-level interior design guaranteeing high-level sound
The ECOCORD PR cable meets all expectations on a high-quality Cordial product:

  • The conductor cross-section of 0.50 mm² (AWG 21 / conductor resistance < 39 Ω/km) ensures undistorted signal transport and crystal-clear sound.
  • A double shielding of braided shield and carbon semiconductor minimizes interfering external influences (such as microphony effects).

High-quality NEUTRIK® Plugs in "Shabby Chic Design"

The ECOCORD PR instrument cable features one straight  and one right angled NEUTRIK® plug. Their special retro style is reminiscent of the charm of patina on metal parts - and all that at CORDIAL’s proven high quality and durability.

Also available with angled silentPLUG® as ECOCORD PR-SILENT or with straight jacks as ECOCORD PP.

ECOCORD: Sustainable cables of a new generation 



Product information
Bulk cable CGK 150 ECOCORD
Jacket TPE-V
cable assign PR
connector brand NEUTRIK ®
x 1/4" Plug right angle mono
x 1/4" Plug mono
technical data
Technical facts
category Instrument
Lengths & colours
Colour Length item no.
3.00 15393
6.00 15394
International Sales Manager
Benedikt Schmidt
Head of Sales & Marketing
Christian Langer
International Sales Manager
Christine Kärger
International Sales Manager
Korina Karl