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Since 2012, the Saxon media technology company IMM has been working in partnership with cordial and is still enthusiastic about the product quality of the cables. A few months after the start of the cooperation, the graduate engineer René Fritzsche, still today head of development, described his impressions.

"René Fritzsche can´t deny where he comes from, his pleasant Saxon accent is unmistakable. Here, in Mittweida, right in the middle of Saxony in the Granulite Mountains, the 41-year old
Fritzsche works as head of the development department for media technology, one of the numerous divisions of the IMM group located here.

Listening to Fritzsche talking about audio/video technology you soon realize how much the graduate engineer enjoys to explore even the finest details of technology. You´ll meet somebody who talks to you about AD/DA converters with MADI, BreakOut boxes and the respective CORDIAL connection cables with a kind of infectious passion others would choose to talk about a thrilling football match or a woman´s shapely legs.

René Fritzsche has always been interested in acoustics. During the economically bleak times of the former GDR, when he and his friends didn´t have the chance just to buy the necessary bits and pieces, they simply made them, tinkered about. And as soon as Fritzsche realized that he didn´t have enough talent as a musician to perform on stage, he became a DJ (and still loves to deejay). “It was a thrilling time”, he remembers.

Later, after the fall of the Berlin wall he utilized his enthu siasm for sounds and studied Electrical Engineering and has been working for IMM since 2003. Last year he initiated the company´s cooperation with CORDIAL.
He really fancies CORDIAL, describes their cables as “absolutely high-class”. For a long time they tested all kinds of  different cables by numerous manufacturers in Mittweida, extensively, put them to the acid test. Finally, then, they decided to use CORDIAL products because “these cables are just the best, without any signal distortion”, Fritzsche states. And CORDIAL could also meet IMM´s ambitious demands for a space-saving, particularly lightweight, highly flexible small-diameter cable.

Another decisive reason to choose CORDIAL was the straightforward, cooperative and extremely knowledgeable way CORDIAL experts tackle any kind of problem and look for solutions. “Whenever we have questions they always provide the appropriate answer,” Fritzsche claims euphorically. CORDIAL even manufactured customized cables according to exclusive IMM specifications. Fritzsche states that “you can´t  get these custom cables anywhere, only CORDIAL provided them without any problem at fair prices, great value for the money!” At the end of our chat we leave with the impression that we´ve just met somebody who is surely convinced to have made the right decision.