Resilient loudspeaker line array cables for out- and indoor applications

CLA LL 4 and CLA LL 44

Exposure to wind, rain, snow and ice, heat and cold, high solar radiation, vibrations or even certain chemicals: in particularly harsh and problematic situations, the jacket material of most conventional speaker cables eventually reaches its limits.

Predestined to master even these challenges are the Cordial CLA LL 4 and CLA LL 44 speaker line array cables. They represent the utmost professional solution for the toughest applications - be it for mobile use in the context of events such as festivals, cinema open-airs or sporting events, or permanently installed in public areas such as city squares or sports arenas. These cables are extremely robust, flexible and virtually indestructible, even under extremely demanding and harsh conditions. Laid directly on the ground without additional protection or suspended at high altitudes for the use with line array systems in adverse weather conditions.

The special feature of our Titanex® bulk cables CLA LL 4 and CLA LL 44 comply with the so-called "heavy rubber hose cables" (H07RN-F) standard. These rubber cables are extremely resistant to potentially damaging external environmental influences. In addition, they contain no silicone or halogens, are oil resistant and flame retardant (thus conforming to C2, NF C 32-070 & IEC 60332 requirements).

In accordance with the area of application and in order to live up to the actual power transmission technology of modern loudspeaker systems, the assembly is manufactured according to VDE guidelines. This means that those responsible for the applied technology are also legally on the safe side with CLA LL 4 and CLA LL 44 cables.
The applied NEUTRIK® speakON® connectors also meet all required standards.

By the way:

  • transparent shrink on tubes at the cable ends allow easy cable labeling
  • the conductor cross-section of our CLA LL 4 is 4 x 2.5 mm² (AWG14), the conductor cross-section of the CLA LL 44 is 4 x 4 mm² (AWG 12)
  • you can find further specifications on the product pages with corresponding PDF data sheets

CLA LL 4 and CLA LL 44 - the tough heavyweights among loudspeaker cables.

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Christian Langer
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