Cordial Ethernet Cables

  • Bulk cables categories Cat 5e, Cat. 6A, Cat. 7a
  • Flame retardant, halogen-free bulk cables suitable for drag chain use, outdoor and long run versions 
  • Multicore / hybrid solutions for independent, redundant networks integrated in one cable for safe and fast stage installations.
  • PUR jacket versions for outdoor use
  • FRNC for fixed indoor installations
  • Ready-made versions featuring all kinds of connector combinations (RJ 45 with metal protection or clip protection and Telegärtner especially for network switches)
  • Long lengths options reeled onto Schill cable drums 
  • The connectors of the reeled versions are additionally equipped with protective caps
  • Individual labeling option of our ready-made cables due to transparent shrink-on tubes
  • The connectors of the data cables originate from the renowned quality brands NEUTRIK®, HIROSE® or Telegärtner®.

Data bulk cables

In order to meet the diverse requirements of modern event technology in the field of data transmission, Cordial is well-positioned with its wide product range of Ethernet cables.

Our bulk cables on offer range from category Cat 5e with 100MHz bandwidth to data class Cat 6A cables with 600 MHz right up to products for the data transmission of high-frequency signals according to Cat 7a (1000 MHz) standards.

Cordial products offer the best possible solutions for a wide and varying range of challenges such as drag chain suitability, flame retardance; they meet halogen-free standards and offer low attenuation, flexibility and long distance suitability.

Moreover, we offer multicore / hybrid solutions with which independent networks can be implemented (for example 4 x Cat 7A, 2 x Cat 7A Long Run + Power + DMX).

A PUR jacket is used whenever a cable will probably be exposed to adverse outdoor conditions and must, nevertheless, function safely and loss-free.

For stationary (indoor) installations, flame retardant and halogen-free FRNC cables (flame retardant non corrosive) are employed.

Ethernetkabel (pt. 2)

Our ready-made data cables

Based on our bulk cable options, the range of possible solutions is extended by a number of ready-made Ethernet cables - diverse types and combinations of connectors and plugs that are essential for mobile and stationary installations.

On the one hand, we can offer you handmade data cables with RJ 45 network connectors such as the CSE NN 7 , the  CSE NN 6 or the CSE NN 5 (also available reeled on drums). Some cables are also available in the Long Run version for bridging long distances. We utilize Neutrik® EtherCON connectors fitted in a protective metal housing, also featuring transparent heat shrink  tubes for individual and easy identification. Due to supplemental Neutrik rubber caps, the reeled products are additionally protected against dirt and damage.

Alternatively, Cordial offers users data cable options with RJ 45 connectors, which are equipped with a solid clip protection cover, e.g. cables such as the CSE HH 7 or the CSE HH 5.

Depending on the intended use, we also provide combinations of 1 x RJ 45 with housing plus 1 x RJ 45 with protective clip cover, e.g. our CSE NH 5 or CSE NH 7 (again equipped with transparent heat shrink-on tubing for labeling).

As a special option we can offer you our ready-made versions also equipped with Telegärtner plugs ( CSE HH 7A LONG-RUN or CSE HH 7A LONG-RUN-SD). The connectors of this renowned industrial brand ensure that the Ethernet cables can also be employed for productions in which devices are used whose inputs or outputs are not compatible with metal protective sleeves. Telegärtner connectors comply with the same technical standards as Cat 6A etherCON connectors and are very well suited for network switches in PCs or MACs. They are also equipped with a protective cap against damage and dirt.

Cordial data cables in a nutshell:

We offer our customers a wide range of solutions for the transmission of data signals at reasonable and manageable costs so that modern-day professional productions meeting the highest quality standards will, on the one hand, remain feasible, and, on the other, offer a reasonable resource cost-performance ratio.

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