The nephew - still alive

Mark Alan Cash

For many people, a prominent name may be too much of a burden and Mark Alan Cash can tell you a thing or two about this phenomenon as well. Cash’s nephew, who was born in 1962, has also led a turbulent life, went through a couple of hells due to alcohol and drugs and states that the only reason he’s still alive is his unshakable faith.

Mark got to know the demon rock ‘n’ roll at a tender age, when he accompanied his father on the road. Tommy Cash, Johnny’s youngest brother, wasn’t nearly as successful as his brother, though a few albums secured him a modest spot in country heaven, too. His talent was inherited by his son. When Mark Alan Cash shoulders his guitar and gets up on stage, plays the first riffs and then starts telling stories with his wonderfully warm and sonorous voice you realize the multitude of stories that this man has within him. Mark Alan Cash’s almost brutal authenticity makes him so credible, so unbelievably genuine.