Do you feel the energy?

David Langley

When his mother died of cancer, David Langley was just 17 years old and without exaggerating you can say that his love of music helped him to survive this blow of fate and the ensuing hard times. At the age of nine, the native Californian had started to play the guitar. His fi rst live gigs occurred when he was 15, singing his own material. In the 80s he became the frontman of a band that frequently opened gigs as a supporting act for country stars like Mickey Gilley, Ricky Scaggs or John Anderson. Later, David performed with legends like Buck Owens, Ray Price, Ray and Willie Nelson as well as Merle Haggard.

Today, David Langley, 56, has two sons, loves horse riding and either lives happily in Nashville or is on tour somewhere in this vast country of his. Whenever he connects his guitar to an amp, he doesn’t not only feel the incredible energy of music but passes his feelings on to his spellbound listeners with apparent ease. “That’s what were here for, David,” the great Merle Haggard once told him after a joint live gig in Langley. Right, that’s what it’s all about."