Eine gute Verbindung zu sich selbst

Chris Kramer

German blues musician Chris Kramer has played on lots of stages using piles of different cables. Then came the day CORDIAL cables blew him away!

Chris, what is the decisive factor as regards your choice of cables?

Chris Kramer: Above all: reliability. When I was playing 80 to 100 gigs a year we often used to have problems while setting-up the stage, humming and buzzing and the like. Some stated: „too loud!“, others maintained that „I can’t hear anything!“
Then we had to hunt for the source and typically it was the cable. Since I’ve been using CORDIAL cables these problems have disappeared.

What are the main features, the crucial characteristics of a first rate cable?

Some guitarists are said to be able to recognize the cable brand just by listening. I’d be lying if I said I could do that. My quality test starts with checking the haptic quality, the “feel“of the cable. And when I start my sound check using my own cables and people start to smile I know: Man, you’ve got the best cables! And, in addition to that, CORDIAL cables just last an incredibly long time, they are very sturdy, very robust.

When and how did you first come across CORDIAL cables?

That was due to my friend, producer and bass player in our band, Martin Engelien. He is incredibly competent when it comes to technology and he’s my main mentor in everything technical. Martin suggested the use of CORDIAL products, stating: „You wanna get rid of sound problems? Use CORDIAL cables.“ He was right, from that time on I have never had to watch highly paid sound engineers crawl the studio floor, looking for the source of the sound problem.

Do you use your cables in the studio as well?

Sure, ever since I had to use run of the mill studio cables producing a nasty hum. I told the engineer: I’m not used to irritations like that and I don’t want to get used to them, so, let’s try my cable. Wow: A great sound and egg on the engineer’s face! Use good cables, fine equipment and you’re already halfway there; a good amp-musician link results in a good bond between you and your fellow musicians and the audience and will make you feel at peace with the world and yourself, not only when it comes to technical matters but also spiritually, if you get my meaning.“