The Cowgirl from Ohio

Rachel Dawson

Rachel Dawson loves nature, photography, horse riding and, above all, her three children. The mother, though, has one more genuine passion: music.

Rachel’s love of music made her take piano lessons as a child in Ohio, join the school choir and school orchestra and later study music at college.

At that time, Rachel already used every opportunity to sing with numerous bands, no matter, whether her gigs took place in music venues as diverse as biker joints, restaurants or clubs. The music styles were as varied and ranged from country and rock to blues and alternative music. Then, she happened to land in Bon Aqua, Johnny Cash’s place of residence. She didn’t get to know him personally but, after his death, the new owners of his place hired her to take care of his cattle. And when Brian and Sally Oxley bought the property ten years ago they kept her on as part of the furniture, so to speak. By pure chance they then discovered Rachel’s outstanding voice – and the rest is history.