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Cables for small stages and events

Finally, events again, finally festivals again. Cordial also offers the right products for small stages and locations.

Our cost-effective but high-quality EYB stage boxes of the ELEMENTS line are perfect for small to large stages: From 4 to 32 channels, everything is included.

Our popular CPM FM microphone cables provide the right balanced connection - in a wide variety of lengths, colours or even with angled connectors. The conductor area and good shielding ensure reliable signal transmission.

Guitars and other instruments are reliably transmitted with our CSI PP-GOLD. If a summer rainstorm ever surprises the performance, the gold contacts protect against corrosion.

As a link between instrument and stage box, our CES 01 DI box transforms an unbalanced signal into a balanced one.

All in all, a good combination for small stages and locations.

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Benedikt Schmidt
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Christian Langer
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