Shielding Variants

There are various shields which can protect audio cable conductors against disturbing effects caused by electrical fields. The foil screen provides a coverage of 100%, i.e. that everything is shielded, but the shield is not that flexible and rather fragile so that it is in danger of being damaged in case of higher mechanical strain. About the same holds true for electrically conductive plastic shields. Then again, the spiral wound shield consists of individual wires wound closely side by side around the conductor. At 90-95%, the coverage is similar to foil shielding, but due to the many individual wires, it is much more flexible. The braided shield, on the other hand, consists of a braid of individual wires, which therefore offer a much better protection against mechanical strain. The disadvantage: due to the braiding pattern, the coverage amounts to only approx. 85%.

Each shield variant has advantages and disadvantages and so, consequently, the appropriate shielding should be selected

in accordance with the intended application. CORDIAL’s robust instrument cables of the ROAD series, for example, combine a shield made of conductive plastic with a braided shield, thus providing high stability and effective shielding. The ROAD series microphone cable requires only a braided shield, as the symmetrical design already compensates for nearly all potential interferences.

CORDIAL’s  ROAD series


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