Notch Rupture Strength

Cables used on stage must endure a much higher strain than, for example, the ones used in studios. They are constantly being trampled on, pulled and tugged at in the heat of a concert. So, for designing durable, stageworthy cables, the jacket’s notch resistance is crucial. It ensures that a notch (e.g. caused by a sharp edge) does not extend any further.

The composition of the jacket determines whether shocks, sharp edges and kinks can damage the inside of the cable, the conductors and the shielding. For this reason, all cables of our ROAD series feature a particularly high notch rupture strength due to a particularly robust PVC composition mix.

This design feature results in particularly resilient cables that can - once in a while – even withstand the dangers of a case crashing down or being trampled on by the proverbial deadly stilettos.

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