Cordial Knowledge Base


Most of the equipment used on stage needs a lot of power and so selecting the appropriate and applicable cable is crucial.

One simple example: when it comes to garden hoses, it’s obvious that if the water pressure rises too much, i.e. more water is pumped through the hose than the hose cross-section can take, it will burst. If more electrons per second are chased through power cables than the cable cross-section can take, they will heat up. This means that part of the power that should reach and feed your device is lost on the way. Your cable becomes a kind of heating device.

With currents of up to 16 amperes (= 16 x 6,242,000,000,000,000,000,000 elementary charges per second), cables with a cross-section of only 0.75mm², for example, quickly become a fire hazard due to the heat generated. Therefore: more copper - less losses, less dangerous and useless heat development.

Cordial cables can withstand continuous loads of up to 26 amperes thanks to a conductor cross-section of 2.5 mm² - i.e. no danger of your cable burning through, or losing precious energy. This corresponds to only 5,720 watts at 220V.