Signal merging through y-adapters

A previous CORDIAL knowledge article was about Y-adapters and what respective types of Y-cables are available as solutions for differing challenges. It is obvious that the "task" of a Y-adapter cable in the audio field is to split or duplicate audio signals. But does this actually also work the other way round, i.e. can Y-cables be used to merge two audio signals into one? The answer is "no", too many factors indicate that Y-adapters are not a proven means for audio signal merging. So-called " sonic artifacts" (e.g. clattering, inappropriate changes in volume, washed-out sound) could occur as well as potential overmodulation (distorted modulating signal, clipping). Clipping can occur if the input signals lie outside the permitted maximum input range of the signal processing unit (e.g. mixer). Signal peaks above the input range threshold are cut off – i.e. are clipped.

So it's better to use a commercially available, customary mixer. Needless to say that the then required appropriate cables are also part of CORDIAL’S comprehensive portfolio.

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