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Dealing with the topic transmission of data signals means that before long you will surely come across the technical term “attenuation”. So, what’s the term “attenuation” all about? The longer a data cable is, the more the intensity of an input signal decreases continuously and the expressions “attenuation” means a physical quantity in relation to the input signal strength and is expressed in decibels (dB).

It depends on certain factors, of which the most relevant are the length of the transmission path, the material, the nature of the cable components and the ambient conditions. Return loss and cross talk also play a role.

Therefore, when it comes to designing and constructing high-quality signal conductors, special attention is paid to keeping attenuation levels as low as possible. Due to the use of particularly large copper cross-sections, high-quality copper and special shielding technologies (see Cordial facts on Cat cables), our Cordial data cables meet these requirements perfectly. Decisive brownie points for CORDIAL event equipment! Learn more