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Hybrid cables

We all know that power and data cables should not be laid out directly next to each other - the electrical field of the power cable will then disturb the signal. Why then have we developed a hybrid cable combining a DMX and a power cable? Won’t the electrical field disturb the signal?

The magic word is shielding. Current-carrying cables generate an electric field - the stronger the power line, the stronger the field. The two conductors of the DMX cable are isolated by a copper braided shield. Such a braided shield covers 85-90% of the area concerned. In addition, the conductors of the DMX cable are shielded by an aluminum foil shield, which reflects the residual interference signals.

These two electrically conductive shielding materials conduct potential interference signals. The balanced DMX cable signal additionally compensates for interference. Thus, we can even offer you a threefold protection of your DMX signals against interferences caused by the “evil” electrical field of the mains cable. Really smart, right?

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