Multi channel, Multi efficiency, Multicore

CMD Multicore Range

To ensure well-ordered cable layouts to, for example, control complex lighting systems at LIVE events, Cordial can offer you its extensive DMX-AES/EBU-110 OHM multicore product line.

The bulk cable options of our CMD line differ in the number of integrated wire pairs (one wire pair per channel) and, therefore, in overall diameter, but, apart from that, their technical design is identical.

We offer you highly flexible, robust and, in the end, cost saving high end solutions to enable you to stage every event without any problems. 
On request, we can also supply appropriate stage boxes and also equip these bulk cables with NEUTRIK connectors, i.e. provide you with a complete multicore system.

Further technical information can be found here: 

CMD 12
CMD 16
CMD 24

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Tobias Felbermayr
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