Bal. Plug Connection


Balanced XLR to stereo jack

The CIM FV microphone cable is used for balanced transmission of audio signals, for example from a microphone or multicore to stereo inputs of audio interfaces, mixers, or audio workstations.

NEUTRIK® has developed these REAN SILVER® XLR female and 6.3 mm stereo jack plugs in subtle black exclusively for CORDIAL®. Combined with our Essentials Cable 1 bulk cable, this cable offers a conductor area of 0.22 mm² (AWG 24) and a spiral shielding of bare copper wires. It is particularly flexible due to the single strand construction (28 x 0.10 mm) and can therefore be easily wound.

The CIM FV is in many points the cheaper alternative to the CPM FV, but the capacity (conductor/conductor) is higher so that attenuations in the signal are possible, especially over longer distances.

For unbalanced transmission of microphone signals to a mono input, we recommend our CIM FP.

Product information
cable essentials cable 1
Jacket PVC
cable assign FV
connector brand REAN SILVER ®
1 XLR female 3-pole
1 1/4" Plug stereo
Technical facts
Conductor area 0.22 mm²
Composition of conductor 28 x 0.10 mm
Conductor resistance 80 Ohm/km
Shielding spiral shield
Capacity cond.-cond. (pF/m) 80 pF/m
category Microphone
diameter 5.9 mm | 2.32 in
Product variants
Colour item no. Matchcode Length
10682 CIM 0.3 FV 0.30
10686 CIM 0.6 FV 0.60
10692 CIM 1.5 FV 1.50
10700 CIM 3 FV 3.00
10706 CIM 6 FV 6.00
10712 CIM 9 FV 9.00