Budget line microphone cable

The CIM FM microphone cable impresses with its REAN SILVER® by NEUTRIK XLR® connectors in discreet black. Based on our Essentials Cable 1 bulk cable, it offers a conductor area of 0.22 mm² (AWG 24) and a spiral shield made of bare copper wires. The composition of conductors (28 x 0.10 mm) makes it very flexible and easy to be reeled.

The CIM FM is in many points the cheaper alternative to the CPM FM, but it got a much higher conductor/conductor capacity, so that attenuations in the signal are possible, especially over longer distances.

Product information
Bulk cable essentials cable 1
Jacket PVC
cable assign FM
connector brand REAN SILVER ®
technical data
Technical facts
Composition of cores 2 cores twisted
Material bare copper
Conductor isolation LDPE
category Microphone
test voltage 500 V eff.
Lengths & colours
Colour Length Matchcode item no.
0.50 CIM 0.5 FM 10685
1.00 CIM 1 FM 10690
1.50 CIM 1.5 FM 10691
2.50 CIM 2.5 FM 10698
3.00 CIM 3 FM 14930
5.00 CIM 5 FM 10703
7.50 CIM 7.5 FM 10709
10.00 CIM 10 FM 10695
20.00 CIM 20 FM 10699