Livestreaming and Broadcasting Equipment

Now more important than ever: Entertainment and information despite lockdown and other restrictions – thanks to broadcasting and live streaming.

Cultural issues cannot be put on "standby" for a long time span. Nowadays, we all feel cultural needs in every nook and cranny. This longing for culture is, obviously, too strongly anchored in us and much depends on it. If, understandably, culture enthusiasts are not allowed to visit cultural venues during the Corona Retreat, then we will find ways to bring the art from these venues to the people. This helps the artists, the event industry and art enthusiasts, who have to stay at home. Similarly affected are sectors like general information/communication (webinars, coaching, church services, etc.). Ultimately, it concerns any kind of communicative event.

Conveying and communicating culture and all kind of relevant information from the event locations to the viewer at the terminal is what is happening now, made possible by live streaming or professional broadcasting technology. The tiers in the halls are (still) empty, but there are potential audiences in abundance - as well as new innovative ideas and concepts.

Event technicians and outfitters, technology rental companies and agencies are now in demand. They need to be equipped with the perfect tools and the optimal solutions for all possible kinds of live streaming and broadcasting applications. The crucial factor here: reliable, fast and high-performance data transmission.

Cordial offers the complete solution package for broadcasting and live streaming with its high-copper Ethernet cables - and of course a wide range of suitable cable gear for all kinds of events.

You’ll find further detailed information and an overview regarding our comprehensive range of solutions for data transmissions here.

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