Music will cheer people up!

Stay at home – make music

Music will cheer people up! In this day and age of a virus casting an evil spell on mankind, each of us is probably trying to develop ways to keep our heads above water.

Dealing with time and with being locked within our own four walls suddenly takes on an unusually essential new role. We are convinced that creativity, such as the inspired approach to music, can help each and every one of us and the whole community to cope with this dismal situation a little better. We firmly believe that music is one major morale booster!

Be it learning a (new) instrument, practicing, writing new songs, refining sounds, letting thoughts and feelings flow freely. Or perhaps whipping your own rehearsal room in the basement, the instrument collection in the living room, your own little home studio into shape. Music can help. 

There are myriads of ideas of letting the outside world share in your own creativity. Online music lessons, live-streaming concerts from your own living room to the world outside, using internet channels to collect donations for the needy through music...

We all realize that every topic related to this crisis will – per se – be a sensitive issue. In the worst case, whoever makes his living with music and/or entertainment events of all kinds, will nowadays possibly find her-/himself deprived of her/his livelihood. We do not intend and will not presume to give psychological or economic advice. We will leave that to experts with a much higher core competence. Fact, though, is, that this crisis must not lead to losing our love for music.

The particular field in which we at Cordial have proven our expertise for 25 years now is everything having to do with high-quality cables. That is what we believe in and that is the knowledge we can actively provide in this context.
We also firmly believe that this crisis will come to an end sooner or later and that the hunger for events as they used to be will be enormous, perhaps/probably even greater than ever before.
For the time until then and for the times that will come again, we are there for you, ready to support  your ideas, honor your commitment and boost your courage whenever we can. The courage that music will provide and enhance.

And above all:
Stay at home, stay in the rehearsal cellar, stay in the home studio and

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us personally. You can find all Cordial products via the cable finder and, of course, through our website. Information about Cordial dealers - and their respective online options - can be found here.

Die "Musik macht Mut" Gesprächsreihe

Hier geht es um Aufzeichnungen von Skype Interviews, die wir mit Leuten führen, die rund um die Musik etwas zu sagen haben. Sie erzählen über ihre Erfahrungen zu ganz unterschiedlichen Themen, geben Tipps, plaudern aus dem Nähkästchen. Es geht darum, dass die Leute draußen, die sich gerade ganz viel drinnen aufhalten, etwas davon haben. Informativ, unterhaltsam, mit Mehrwert. In diesem Fall geht es auch nicht um die perfekte Qualität aus dem Homeoffice heraus (Video/Audio) sondern darum, WAS vermittelt wird. Prinzipiell kann jeder, der etwas zum Thema beitragen möchte, mitmachen. Je mehr Künstler, Techniker, Spezialisten dabei sind, desto mehr Informationen kann es geben. Wir rocken das zusammen!

Die Videos (es werden immer mehr):