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When it comes to the low-loss transmission of large amounts of data over long distances you’ll find that CORDIAL offers a broad range of Ethernet cable solutions for any kind of required standard.

Our low attenuation CCAT 7A LONG-RUN bulk cable is the perfect basis for long distance data transmisions. It features a halogen-free and flame-retardant jacket, which allows reliable in- and outdoor uses even under the harshest conditions and also provides the highest possible flexibility combined with great reelability. 

Equipped with especially strong copper conductors (AWG 23) it supports 
Power over EtherNet (POE+) according to IEEE202.3at (approx. 25 W). A double shielding S/FTP effectively protects the  Cat. 7a high-frequency signals.  

CORDIAL´s ready-made CSE 7A LONG-RUN data cable line will meet all kinds of conceivable requirements.


By the way: All CSE 7A LONG-RUN products can also be used for data transmission of the lower classes CAT.5e, CAT.6, CAT.6A, CAT.7.


CSE 7A LONG-RUN - for large amounts of data over long distances. From FOH to Mainstage. Nothing falls by the wayside.

You can find all of CORDIAL´s Ethernet solutions for all kinds of data transmission requirements here.

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