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Cat 5 Ethernet cables

Category 5 (Cat 5) cables are still standard for the transmission of data signals within existing networks in the event and fixed installations sectors.

Our CCAT 5 bulk cables meet all the standards required for Gigabit Ethernet-capable signal lines in the event technology and installation sector. Due to its 4-pair stranded conductor cores, this twisted pair cable is highly resistant to any kind of interferences. In particular, the shielding of the cable (copper wire mesh) effectively prevents electromagnetic interferences. The CCAT 5 complies with EIA/TIA-568 standards.

It is essential that a high-end cable in the event sector features a particularly high flexibility, excellent reelability with simultaneous sturdiness and suitability for drag chain use. Both the 100 meter and 500 meter versions of our CCAT 5 cables pass these quality requirements with flying colors. Needless to say, the cable can be used indoors as well as outdoors and its robust PUR jacket makes it especially resilient to any kind of adverse weather conditions. 

If you want to equip your event and your production with ready-made Cat 5 cables right away, you will surely find that we can offer you the prime solution for your application with the following products:

  • the CSE NN 5 data cable with RJ45 connector and NE8MX-B-1 cable connector protection by NEUTRIK®
  • the CSE HH 5 Ethernet cable with a HIROSE® RJ45 network connector, which is secured by a protective clip cover
  • the CSE NH 5 data cable featuring a RJ45 network connector with NEUTRIK® NE8MX-B-1 cable connector protection combined with a RJ45 network connector with clip protection sleeve
  • From lengths of 25 meters on, the CSE NN 5 is also available reeled onto a proven GT 310 SCHILL® drum (our the CSE NN 5 SD). A NEUTRIK® Rubber-Cap protects the connectors effectively against damage and soiling.
  • Our Cat 5e Ethernet cables with 2 HIROSE® RJ45 network connectors are also available for longer lengths (50 meters as well as 75 meters) on proven SCHILL® drums (GT 310): CSE HH 5 SD and CSE HH 5 SD-PVC.

The reelable Cat 5e Ethernet cable CCAT 5 (and its ready-made alternatives) are high-quality and tried and tested event technology products for the transmission of data up to 100 MHz. If you are looking for Ethernet signal lines that exceed this operational frequency, we can offer you two options:

  • the flame retardant and halogen free CAT 6A network cable CCAT 6A INST-FRNC (Cat. 6a with a bandwidth of 600 MHz) as the appropriate choice for fixed installations and
  • the CCAT 7 (data class Cat 7a) as the best product of choice for an operational frequency of 1,000 MHz (1 GHz, Gigabit Ethernet) for indoor and outdoor use. That is, 1,000MHz means a 10x higher transmission bandwidth than CCAT 5.
  • For technicians who want to fully exploit the superb performance of the CCAT 7, but want to cover even longer distances without any problems, CORDIAL’s CCAT 7A LONG-RUN cable will be the ideal solution.
  • The CCAT 5 PVC has similar characteristics as the CCAT 5, but is cheaper due to its PVC jacket


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