Our data cable CSE NN 5 in its CSE NN 5 SD version is a highly flexible and sturdy cable for rigorous stage use (also drag chain suitable) and is reeled onto an extraordinary robust GT 310 cable drum made by Schill (2 meters of the cable are reeled onto an auxiliary spool on the side of the drum). As bulk cable CORDIAL uses the easily reelable CCAT 5e. The etherCON connector NE8MC1 as well as the RJ-45 connector (both made by NEUTRIK) are each encased in a metal housing. Transparent shrink-on tubes on both cable ends make individual labelling of connector and cable possible.

The product is equipped with a NEUTRIK® Rubber-Cap for protection against dirt and damage.

Cordial Cat 5e Data Cables

Product information
cable CCAT 5
cable assign HH
1 etherCON
1 etherCON
Specifications / Tender
Type CAT 5e data cable
Part no. CCAT 5

Mechanical data

Conductor area 0,15 mm² (AWG 26)
Composition of conductor 19 x 0,1 mm bare copper
Conductor isolation PE
Composition of cores 4 pairs twisted
Screen S/UTP
Pair Screen -
Overall jacket PUR
Overall diameter 6,4 mm
Weight 51 g/m
Working temperature  
mobile (-5 °C) - (+60 °C)
fixed (-25 °C) - (+60 °C)
min.Bending radius  
mobile ~ 61 mm
fixed ~ 30 mm
Electrical data  
Conductor resistance 142 Ω / km
Capacity (cond./cond.) 50 nF / km
1 MHz 3,1 dB (100m)
4 MHz 6,4 dB (100m)
10 MHz 9,9 dB (100m)
20 MHz 13,8 dB (100m)
100 MHz 33,0 dB (100m)
Characteristic impedance 100 Ω ± 15 % (100 MHz)
Crosstalk Attenuation (NEXT)  
1 MHz 62 dB (100m)
4 MHz 53 dB (100m)
10 MHz 47 dB (100m)
20 MHz 42 dB (100m)
100 MHz 32,0 dB (100m)
Test voltage 500 V eff.
Product variants
Colour Part number
CSE 25 NN 5 SD
CSE 50 NN 5 SD
CSE 75 NN 5 SD
CSE 100 NN 5 SD
International Sales Manager
Christine Kärger
International Sales Manager
Christian Langer
Head of sales and marketing
Tobias Felbermayr