When it comes to using Cat 5e data cables for longer distances during events, our budget Cat 5e Ethernet cable CSE HH 5 SD-PVC is the perfect solution for users, who, on the one hand, want to keep their costs as low as possible and, on the other, don’t want to do without important features like simple and highly flexible handling, stability as well as reelability for in- and outdoor applications. 

The network cable is reeled onto the especially sturdy GT 310 SCHILL® cable drum (with 2m of the cable on an auxiliary spool) and is, especially due to its PVC jacket, a very cost-effective solution. The electrical properties of the CCAT 5 PVC bulk cable used here comply with category Cat 5e standards and are, therefore, suitable for data transmissions with a bandwidth of up to 100 MHz. 

Another special feature: Cordial CCAT 5 cables can also be laid close to current-carrying components and cables without any problems because, unlike conventional cables, they are protected from external interferences by an overall shield made of tinned copper.

The network connectors (RJ45) come from the quality brand HIROSE® and are very effectively protected by a solid clip protection cover. 
And, already standard for CORDIAL products like e.g. Ethernet cables, the cables are, of course, equipped with transparent shrink-on tubes for individual labeling. 


Cordial Cat 5e Data Cables

Product information
Jacket PVC
cable assign HH
connector brand HIROSE ®
1x RJ45
1x RJ45
technical data
Technical facts
Conductor area 0.15 mm²
Composition of conductor 7 x 0.16 mm
Material bare copper
Conductor resistance 145 Ohm/km
Shielding S/FTP: tinned copper braid + foil (AL/PT)
Capacity cond.-cond. (pF/m) 50 nF/km
category Data
diameter 6.5 mm
weight bulk cable 50 g/m
Lenghts & colours
Colour Length Matchcode item no.
50.00 CSE 50 HH 5 SD-PVC 14648
75.00 CSE 75 HH 5 SD-PVC 14649
International Sales Manager
Benedikt Schmidt
Head of Sales & Marketing
Christian Langer
International Sales Manager
Christine Kärger