Time to shine


Instrument cables that glow in the dark.

The trick: UV-reactive sheathing material - due to a special dye composition in the fabric sheath production, what is normally invisible to the human eye becomes visible under UV light (blacklight). Available in the hip colours green or orange (both with contrasting black), the BLACKLIGHT EDITION cables are designed for musicians who love the special wow effect in their performance.

For Cordial, of course, this extraordinary visual effect goes hand in hand with high product quality. The cables are based on the CGK 150 bulk cable, were a massive success round the globe when used in our EDITION 25 series, thanks to the very high conductor area of 0.50 mm² for textile cables, as well as the double shielding of braided screen and carbon semiconductor. Unadulterated, virtually interference-free signal transmission is by Cordial standards a matter of course.

International Blacklight Manager
Benedikt Schmidt
Head of black & light
Christian Langer
International Blacklight Manager
Christine Kärger