Solid 90° guitar cable for beginners

The CII PR is a solid entry-level cable with excellent winding properties, high flexibility and very good sound transmission.

The conductor area of 0.22 mm² and a spiral shield protect your unbalanced guitar signal from the instrument to the amp. The REAN Silver® by NEUTRIK® jack plugs ensure long durability and good mating cycles. Appreciated by musicians who - in addition to an unadulterated sound - like things to be uncomplicated and inexpensive.

Also available with straight plugs as CII PP.

Product information
Bulk cable essentials cable 5
Jacket PVC
cable assign PR
connector brand REAN SILVER ®
1x 1/4" Plug mono
1x 1/4" Plug right angle mono
technical data
Technical facts
category Instrument
Lengths & colours
Colour Length Matchcode item no.
3.00 CII 3 PR 10666
6.00 CII 6 PR 10668
9.00 CII 9 PR 10670
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Benedikt Schmidt
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Christian Langer
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Korina Karl