Light DMX


As regards stage lighting, we can offer event managers and PA managers an efficient solution in our CDX-1 cable. This DMX cable with a 3-pin configuration is AES/EBU certified and features black 5-pin XLR female and XLR male metal connectors made by NEUTRIK. The corresponding bulk cable is our high-grade CDMX-1 featuring a foil pair screen and an overall shielding consisting of a braid of tinned copper wires. The cable is especially suited for controlling intelligent flood lights, moving heads and dimmers because it conforms with EIA 485 standards and DMX 512 specifications. On both cable ends you’ll find transparent shrink-on tubes to make individual labelling possible.
Please note that the technical DMX connection standard is reciprocal to standard XLR usage in the field of audio technology. Here the DMX transmitter features a female, the receiver a male connector.

Product information
cable CDMX 1
cable assign CDX1
1 XLR-female 5-pole
1 XLR-male 5-pole
Specifications / Tender
Type DMX / Digital control cable
Part no. CDMX 1

Mechanical data

Conductor area 0,22 mm² (AWG 24)
Composition of conductor 7 x 0,20 mm tinned copper
Conductor isolation PE
Composition of cores 1 pair twisted
Screen Spiral wound tinned copper wire + AL fleece foil
Pair Screen -
Overall jacket PVC
Overall diameter 4,5 ± 0,2 mm
Weight 30 g/m
Working temperature  
mobile (-5 °C) - (+70 °C)
fixed (-20 °C) - (+80 °C)
min.Bending radius  
mobile ~ 47 mm
fixed ~ 23 mm
Electrical data  
Conductor resistance 95 Ω / km
Capacity (cond./cond.) 42 pF / m
Capacity (cond./screen) 90 pF / m
Characteristic impedance 110 Ω
Test voltage 500 V eff.
Product variants
Colour Part number
CDX 0.5-1
CDX 1-1
CDX 2-1
CDX 3-1
CDX 5-1
CDX 10-1
CDX 20-1
International Sales Manager
Christine Kärger
International Sales Manager
Christian Langer
Head of sales and marketing
Tobias Felbermayr