When it comes to on-stage usage, the NEUTRIK etherCON connector is the standard for RJ45 connectors due to its outstanding mechanical properties. However, there are devices that are often used in productions which are not compatible with this connector due to its protective metal sleeve.

With the CSE HH 7A LONG-RUN-SD cable drum variant, CORDIAL provides the solution to this problem, as this off-the-shelf cable is equipped with the universally usable CAT 7A RJ45 (MFP8-IE) connector by the renowned Telegärtner industrial brand. This connector comes from the “Industrial Ethernet” segment and has the same electrical properties as the etherCON but can be put to use in the tightest of spaces, for example when plugged into network switches or PCs/MACs. A further bonus comes in the form of the pre-mounted protective cap on the Telegärtner RJ45 connector.

The CSE HH 7A LONG-RUN-SD supports Power Over Ethernet (POE+) in accordance with IEEE202.3at (25.5 W power).

In addition, the CSE HH 7A LONG-RUN-SD is made up by-the-meter of the high load-bearing CCAT 7A LONG-RUN with AWG 23/7, wound onto a particularly break-proof GT 380 / GT 310 drum developed by Schill, and encased in a PUR sheathe. The PUR sheathing provides further benefits: the network cable can be used both indoors and outdoors and is also halogen-free and flame-retardant.

This makes the CSE HH 7A LONG-RUN-SD a special data cable that effortlessly copes with virtually any application-related challenge and can fit into almost any device.

It can also be used for data transfer with the lower category cables CAT.5e, CAT.6, CAT.6A, and CAT.7.


* For individual marking, the product is provided with transparent shrink tubing at both ends.

Product information
Bulk cable
Jacket PUR
cable assign RJ45 Pinout T568B
connector brand Telegärtner ®
1x HIROSE® RJ45 TM31
1x HIROSE® RJ45 TM31
technical data
Technical facts
Composition of cores 4 pairs twisted
Material bare copper
Conductor isolation PE
category Data
Lengths & colours
Colour Length Matchcode item no.
2.50 / 5.00 / 10.00 / 20.00 / 30.00 CSE HH 7 LONG RUN read more
50.00 CSE 50 HH 7A LONG-RUN-SD 14110
75.00 CSE 75 HH 7A LONG-RUN-SD 13782
100.00 CSE 100 HH 7A LONG-RUN-SD 13783
125.00 CSE 125 HH 7A LONG-RUN-SD 13784
150.00 CSE 150 HH 7A LONG-RUN-SD 13785
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