In intensive co-operation with sound buffs, our CPI ZZ patch cable was specifically developed for working with modular synthesizers. In this particular field the challenges as regards patch cables are pretty stiff because analog synthesizers are quite demanding to work with, e.g. because

constantly changing signals and a myriad of variations can be generated 

  • the necessity to keep track of highly complex structures
  • the cables are exposed to extreme tensile strains
  • any interference would distort the rather sensitive signals

CORDIAL offers you the suitable overall solution:

  • length-specific color codings by means of multi-colored sleeves.
  • hand-soldered 3.5 mm REAN all-metal connectors guaranteeing perfect strain relief
  • welded on plastic connectors totally prevent any interferences 
  • the shielded bulk cable CSP 1 utilizes ultra-pure copper (OFC) and complies with RoHS II environmental standards.

Audio and CV transmissions at the highest quality level!

Product information
cable CSP 1
cable assign PP
Brand REAN
1 1/8" Plug mono
1 1/4" Plug mono
Specifications / Tender
Product variants
Colour Part number
CPI 0.15 ZZ
CPI 0.3 ZZ
CPI 0.6 ZZ
CPI 0.9 ZZ
CPI 1.2 ZZ
Sales consultant
Franky Kolken
Sales consultant
Regina Tegel
Sales consultant DACH
Thomas Murawski
Sales manager / Technical support
Günter Schäfer