The jacket of our CMK 222 FLEX model consists of an extremely flexible material mix, thus minimizing the so-called memory effect, i.e. the curling back effect to the former twisted state. Subsequently, the cable can really be laid out flatly and smoothly against the stage floor, it can also be rolled up by hand without any twisting or tangling, doesn’t kink and  is easily reelable.

The super flexible CMK 222 FLEX is as sturdy and reliable as the CMK 222 because we use the identical tried-and-tested interior design.

The ideal cable for console applications and stage or studio cabling.

Product information
Jacket PVC flex
technical data
Technical facts
Conductor area 0.22 mm²
Composition of conductor 28 x 0.10 mm
Material bare copper
Conductor resistance 85 Ohm/km
Shielding spiral wound copper wire screen
Capacity cond.-cond. (pF/m) 55 pF/m
category Microphone
diameter 6.4 mm
weight 53 g/m
Conductor isolation PE
Lenghts & colours
Colour Matchcode item no.
CMK 222 FLEX BLACK 500 13560
International Sales Manager
Christine Kärger
International Sales Manager
Christian Langer
Head of sales and marketing
Tobias Felbermayr