CLS 215 TT

Loudspeaker Cable 1.5 mm² twin transparent

In case of having to lay cables under carpets, buried or speaker wiring, our CLS 215 TT is a great choice. The copper strand consists of oxygen free copper (OFC). Its transparent jacket is made of PVC. The 2 x 1.5mm2 cable is labelled with a red polarity marking and is also ideal for hi-fi applications. 

Product information
Conductor area 1.50 mm²
Composition of conductor 28 x 0.25
Material bare copper
Conductor resistance 13.3 Ohm/km
Shielding no screen
Capacity cond.-cond. (pF/m)
Specifications / Tender
Technical facts
Type HiFi loudspeaker cable
Part no. CLS 215 TT

Mechanical data

Conductor area 1,5 mm²
Composition of conductor 28 x 0,25 mm bare copper
Conductor isolation PVC transparent
Composition of cores 2 cores
Screen no screen
Overall diameter 2,3 ± 0,15 x 5,1 ± 0,25 mm
Weight 31 g/m
Working temperature  
mobile (-10 °C) - (+70 °C)
fixed (-30 °C) - (+70 °C)
min.Bending radius  
mobile ~ 53 mm
fixed ~ 26 mm
Electrical data  
Conductor resistance 13,3 Ω / km
Test Voltage 1000 V eff.
Product variants
Colour Part number
CLS 215 TT
CLS 215 TT 100
International Sales Manager
Christine Kärger
International Sales Manager
Christian Langer
Head of sales and marketing
Tobias Felbermayr