CLS 215

Loudspeaker Cable 1.5 mm² highflex

Our CLS 215 bulk cable is tailored to meet the demands of all kinds of PA systems, ELA technology and even hi-fi cabling.

It is a  robust and flexible speaker cable suitable for LIVE as well as studio environments. It features 2 x 1.5mm² high-purity, oxygen-free copper strands and is quite space-saving due to its small overall diameter.

Product information
Jacket PVC
Technical facts
Conductor area 1.50 mm²
Composition of conductor 84 x 0.15 mm
Material bare copper
Conductor resistance 13.3 Ohm/km
category Loudspeaker
diameter 7.0 mm
weight 79 g/m
Conductor isolation PVC
Product variants
Colour item no. Matchcode
10776 CLS 215 BLACK 100
10778 CLS 215 BLACK 500
13421 CLS 215 WHITE 100
13420 CLS 215 WHITE 500
International Sales Manager
Christine Kärger
International Sales Manager
Christian Langer
Head of sales and marketing
Tobias Felbermayr