4 x 4.0 mm² loudspeaker line array  - (speakON®) Titanex® bulk cable

The loudspeaker line array (speakON®) cable CLA LL 44 is the professional solution for the toughest applications on stage. It was specially designed for public areas, temporary events such as open-air festivals (and also for certain industrial applications).
Robust, flexible and resilient - for line array systems in adverse weather conditions suspended at great heights or laid directly on the ground without any additional protection.

The decisive factor for the particularly high load capacity is the so-called "heavy rubber hose line" (H07RN-F). The CLA LL 44 bulk cable utilizes a Titanex® material - a material that can withstand high solar radiation as well as rain and cold. It is also highly resistant to certain chemicals and flame retardant (thus conforming to C2, NF C 32-070 & IEC 60332-1). In addition, the CLA LL 44 contains neither silicone nor halogens.

To be able to live up to the actual power transmission technology of modern loudspeaker systems and typical areas of application, the assembly is manufactured according to VDE guidelines.
A conductor cross-section of 4 x 4.0 mm² (AWG14) ensures clear signal transmission.
Transparent shrink on tubes at the cable ends facilitate labeling in the context of temporary projects or permanent installations in continuous use.

  • 4 x 4.0 mm² conductor cross-section
  • Titanex® H07RN-F4G4 bulk cable complying with EN 50525-2-21, IEC 60245-4 standards
  • Oil resistant, silicone and halogen free, flame retardant bulk cable complying with C2, NF C 32-070 & IEC 60332-1 standards
  • Certified quality product according to VDE directive
  • Transparent shrink on tubes for easy cable labeling 
  • Loadable up to 250V/AC, 30A

(*) Important note - "Products on request": Some product variants are marked with (*) under "Colors & lengths" below. Such products are only available on personal request. Please contact your Cordial Sales Key Account Manager by e-mail or telephone or send an e-mail to the Cordial Sales address vertrieb@cordial-cables.com . Thank you very much!

Featuring Neutrik® quality connectors complying with IEC 61984, IEC 62368-1, UL 94 V-0 standards


Loudspeaker Line Array (speakON®) cables must NOT be used as mains or power supply connection.
For safety reasons, please scrutinize the technical data information and observe the General Operating and Safety Instructions

Product information
Bulk cable H07RN-F 4G4 TITANEX®
Jacket EPR Specially crosslinked elastomer (rubber)
cable assign LL44
connector brand NEUTRIK ®
1x speakON 4 pole female (NLT4FXX-BAG)
1x speakON 4 pole female (NLT4FXX-BAG)
technical data
Conductor area 4 x 4 mm²
Material special elastomer (rubber)
category Loudspeaker
Conductor resistance 4,95 Ohm/km
Lengths & colours
Colour Length Matchcode item no.
0.50 CLA 0.5 LL 44 (*) 15465
0.75 CLA 0.75 LL 44 15466
1.00 CLA 1 LL 44 15467
1.50 CLA 1.5 LL 44 15468
2.00 CLA 2 LL 44 (*) 15469
2.50 CLA 2.5 LL 44 (*) 15470
3.00 CLA 3 LL 44 15471
5.00 CLA 5 LL 44 15472
7.50 CLA 7.5 LL 44 (*) 15473
10.00 CLA 10 LL 44 15474
15.00 CLA 15 LL 44 15475
20.00 CLA 20 LL 44 15476
25.00 CLA 25 LL 44 (*) 15477
30.00 CLA 30 LL 44 (*) 15478
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Christian Langer
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