This capacity-optimized bulk cable is especially suited for guitars, bass guitars and electronic instruments. Significant is that the hand soldered, gold-plated metal connectors with sprayed-on kink protection can easily be opened if required.

Product information
cable assign PP
Brand REAN
1 1/4" Plug mono
1 1/4" Plug mono
Specifications / Tender
Product variants
Length Colour Part number
0.30 CCI 0.3 PP
0.60 CCI 0.6 PP
0.90 CCI 0.9 PP
1.50 CCI 1.5 PP
3.00 CCI 3 PP
6.00 CCI 6 PP
9.00 CCI 9 PP
Sales consultant
Franky Kolken
Sales consultant
Regina Tegel
Sales consultant DACH
Thomas Murawski
Technical support
Günter Schäfer