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Things to look out for with textile cables

Many musicians love textile cables because they emphasise the vintage look and are comfortable to hold. Here we explain what to look for when buying a textile cable.


A textile sheath is a thin yarn braid that is braided around a normal pvc sheated cable. It is usually added to a cable at a later date and forms an additional layer. The robustness of a textile jacket depends on the material, the braiding pattern and the braiding speed, so there are big differences in quality.

Don't forget the inner values!

There are often cheap cables hidden under fancy textile jackets that have only a small conductor area or only an extremely thin PVC jacket. Therefore, musicians should pay attention not only to the appearance but also to the inner values and not be blinded by the design.

Pay attention to quality!

For its textile cables, Cordial uses almost exclusively proven bulk cables with high conductor areas, which are also used for many cables without a textile jacket. For our EDITION 25 cable, we have developed a new, even better bulk cable with a conductor area of 0.50 mm², which contains twice as much copper as conventional textile cables. The problem is that a textile sheath also adds volume, so the cable is thicker and could lose flexibility. And the plugs (mostly from NEUTRIK®) are only suitable for a certain cable thickness. It is therefore a matter of tenths of a millimetre.

Pleasure in the long run

Years of testing on stage and in the laboratory have shown us: our textile cables are particularly durable and robust. Even after years of use, hardly any signs of wear are visible. And even dust and dirt have little effect on our yarn. So if you want to enjoy it in the long run, you should choose Cordial textile cables.