The 101 of professional festival planning

High-end cable solutions for everything regarding festival operations

The 101 of professional festival planning today more than ever demands essential preconditions: A thoroughly thought through, always reliable and time-saving cabling that will achieve the best possible price-performance ratio. Whether dealing with any kind of music genre, theatre, cinema, sports - open air or large-scale indoor events have their own rules and challenges. Everything has to happen quickly - the setting up and dismantling operations as well as the digital and analog signal transport. There must be no slip-ups, not regarding instruments, PA, amps, lighting etc. - and certainly not when it comes to cables. Flexibility is a top priority - not only in connection with the planning of the set up, but also with regard to the ease with which the material can be laid. And, of course, cables are constantly subjected to all kinds of mechanical strains because all and sundry pull, tread and pound on them. That's why organizers, technicians and artists alike really need something "rock-solid". Because when it comes down to what it’s all about i.e. the audience - everything must be 100% right!


Ladies and gentlemen, our festival event solutions:

On The Road Again

For everything regarding stage operations, our so-called "ROAD" line with its typical and distinctive black and green cable design has become an almost legendary tool. Be it instrument or microphone cables, cables for loudspeakers or balanced plug connections: everything concerning signal lines, cable innards, shielding, jacket, etc. is designed for tough (festival) stage use.

Auf der Festival Bühne

Cordial Road Kabel

Ethernet cables for festivals

In A Digital World

Of course, digital data transmission on stage as well as between stage and FOH and within the entire area of operation is an essential factor when it comes to a festival’s planning and implementation strategy. There is no way around high-quality copper cables when you have to achieve high resilience and, at the same time, the ability to cope with flexible paths over the most diverse distances,. For special open-air demands such as weather resistance, flame retardancy and halogen-free material standards, we offer a whole range of Ethernet cables with special PUR (polyurethane) jackets:

- CSE NN 5, CSE HH 5 and CSE NH 5 (based on the CCAT 5e bulk cable), suitable for drag chain use
- CSE NN 6 and CSE HH 6 (based on the CCAT 6 highflex bulk cable), suitable for drag chain use
- CSE NN 7, CSE HH 7 and CSE NH 7 (also as long-run variants, all based on the CCAT 7 bulk cable)

Cost-efficient alternatives to cables featuring PUR jackets are the products with PVC jackets, which have similar values to the PUR cable jacket versions.
In the SD version the longer data cable lengths (from 50 meters onwards) are also available reeled onto Schill drums.

Datenkabel für DAs festival

Solutions for long festival distances

For the Long RunSpeaking of "long lengths": Naturally, Cordial takes this very important aspect into account when implementing larger events. Our CCAT 7A Long-Run bulk cable is primarily designed to bridge long data paths in the best possible way and is equipped with Telegärtner (CSE HH 7A LONG-RUN) - or NEUTRIK etherCON connectors (CSE HH 7A LONG-RUN). Featuring a sturdy PUR jacket and strong copper wires of AWG 23 (more copper = more signal transport) and therefore able to reliably transmit data over long distances.

Multicore for festivals

In order to save set up time - and therefore money and nerves - we have developed the Cat 7 Quad Multicore data cable, which comprises 4 high-performance Ethernet lines in just one cable. Event technicians can thus transmit four times as much data via just one cable and set up four independent networks. Surely saves time and money!

Flexible Hybrid-lösungen für's festival

DMX Solutions for the festival

CORDIAL’s professional hybrid cable solutions are essential modules when it comes to DMX signal transport within the framework of sophisticated lighting concepts.

Kabel für die festival Beleuchtung

Always in the thick of the festival

CORDIAL is right up to anything festival operations require. Due to the permanent exchange of experiences with our partners, the constant input of artists and based on several decades of engineering and technology experience, we have a very good rapport with the all movers and shakers in our business and are, of course, constantly developing and improving ourselves further.

We offer everything that is important in the copper cable field, especially for all kinds of outdoor stages And when it comes to very special individual requests, you can always talk to us about customized designs. After all, we share one mutual interest: to achieve the best possible solutions for any event.

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Günter Schäfer
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