Reduction to the essential

Our product lines

Our three product lines are clearly distinguishable due to their individual colouring thus achieving enhanced transparency.:

intro: For the Quality-Conscious Customer

peak: For the Sophisticated Customer

encore: For Users Who Love the Extraordinary

Look & Feel


By our branding we achieve that CORDIAL mirrors – visually and content-wise – the attributes of their outstanding cables: Stability, high-class quality, reliability and extreme fidelity of sound as well as an extraordinary fairness as regards price/performance ratio. Our enterprise becomes conspicuous and noticeable due to the logo. The targeted, purposeful use of colours emphasizes the diversity and complexity of our brand.


We asked ourselves which colour represents stability and sturdiness best? Our cable jackets are of a nearly anthracite, charcoal grey colour – as durable steel or concrete. The copper tone symbolizes our use of high-quality precious metals. The friendly light blue signifies fairness. The „C“ in our logo represents our company name CORDIAL and forms a symbiotic relationship with the cable´s copper core, the tube and the jacket.